A Medley of Christmas Movies

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So it has been quite sometime since my last proper movie review, but life got in the way, first it was packing up and moving (ugh, why isn’t teleportation a thing yet?) and then work has been pretty massively hectic as well. So as  bit of an apology I’m not going to do a review in my usual sense, instead I’m going to list through all the Christmas movies that I have thus far suffered through and give a brief one liner (or so) for each one.

Angela’s Christmas: Young Angela steals baby Jesus from her church’s nativity scene, what could possibly go wrong.

The Polar Express: Everyone has seen Tom Hanks get the kids to the North Pole and back to bed on Christmas Eve, and on time as well.

Bob’s Broken Sleigh: An elf performs some unsanctioned improvements to Santa’s sleigh causing him to crash, it’s up to 3 oddballs to get him going again.

A Very Murray Christmas: Even for die-hard fans of Murray this movie is towards the bottom of the barrel. Dry, witless and boring.

The Christmas Chronicles: When a pair of kids crash Santa’s sleigh they pull all the stops to get him going again. One of Kurt Russell’s successful comedies.

Snowtime: A villages army of youths split into two, to have a snowball fight to end all snowball fights.

The Princess Switch: A chance encounter leads to a once in a lifetime chance of living in royalty. A typical lookalike switcharoo.

Christmas Inheritance: To get her hands on her fathers company, she needs to visit her hometown and learn old fashioned hard work.

A Christmas Prince: A reporter pretends to be a tutor to get in with the royals, before falling for the prince.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding: Well it’s been a year and now everything has to go wrong before the big day.

48 Christmas Wishes: When a helpful elf stuffs up and burns 48 letters to Santa, its up to 3 bumbling elves to track down the writers to learn their wishes.

Pottersville: A drunken romp in a gorilla suit lands a town in the grip of BigFoot fever, bringing money and media to their dying town.

You Can’t Fight Christmas: A good ol’ movie about money v’s Christmas spirit. Guess who wins?

Miss Me this Christmas: Sneakily tying in background characters from You Can’t Fight Christmas. A couple pending divorce find the season re-invigorating them.

El Camino Christmas: When a liquor store is seemingly robbed, a bunch of strangers form an odd bond over some of their secrets.

Holiday Baggage: When a distant father tries to reunite with his family at Christmas so he can get remarried, the tensions run high, especially when the truth comes out.

Christmas with a View: A failed restauranteur falls for her new head chef, a recent celebrity tv chef who has his own secrets for being in town.

A Christmas Star: When a baby is born on Christmas Eve she gains magical powers to affect the attitudes people around her.

Dear Santa: A woman finds a letter from a girl asking for a new wife for her dad, so she does what any lunatic would do, sets herself  up to be that new wife. Creepy huh?

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