Ghost in the Shell – 1995

IMDB: Ghost in the Shell – 1995
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 96%
Previous Viewing Date: January 28th, 2018

There is something truly special to me about this movie that just doesn’t get captured in the 2017 live action version of the movie. This was quite possible one of the first animated feature movies that I ever saw (up there with the likes of Akira, Wicked City, Fist of the North Star or the horrific Urotsukidoji) and holds a soft spot in my heart.

Scarily set only a few years from now in 2029 it follows a secret government department called Section 9 who are chasing the trail of an elusive super cyber criminal who goes by the name of the “Puppet Master” who suddenly appears in their midst with a cyborg body and claims political asylum, before a rival department Section 6 pulls off a “borgnapping” to which Section 9 responds in force.

It’s a story of self awareness, of growth and survival, of wondering at what point during the manipulation and replacement or enhancement to our minds and bodies do we stop being human.

Even though this movie is some 23 years old it is still amazing. It doesn’t have the latest in realistic visual graphics or CGI but it also doesn’t need it to make it a great movie. It does that all on its own back with its storyline and character development. Every part of every scene has a purpose, has a reason for being included, there’s no wastage at all, and the same is for the slightly unusual but still great audio score.

This is the movie that started the huge cult following, that spawned an entire spinoff  TV series, as well as a number of other spin off products. I highly recommend spending the time to see this flick.


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