Justice League – 2017

IMDB: Justice League – 2017
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 40%
Previous Viewing Date: na

So I have put off watching this movie because lets be honest, DC movies are shit (Wonder Woman being a blatant and exceptional exception to that comment). They do ok with TV shows, but movies, nope. They typically fail miserably at them.

So this follows on from from Super V Batman, or Batman V Superman, or muscles v dollars, or well whatever it was called. It follows on from that. The world is in despair at the loss of mighty Krypton son, and now that the fear of what’s next is real, three boxes (affectionately called “mother”) begin to activate which calls down from the universe Steppenwolf, (who we once defeated all the millennia ago) for his revenge by destroying us all (again).

So Battyboy hooks up with the Amazonian, gets speedy gonzalez, fisherman and then a semi crazy cyborg (cyber-psychosis anyone?) Anyway they all (and by they I mean Bats) decide to use one of the boxes to resurrect Superman, which turns out poorly, because he is confused, and the last thing he remembers is being put down like the rabid dog he was.


So the bunch of merry men…err… merry people (sorry Gal) band together and start beating up on the Steppenwolf. And win, (because this is a “good versus bad” movie where the and baddies always lose). But when you beat someone working for Darkseid, you usually get something much worse afterwards.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, but not overly so. All being fair an equal, I do prefer Marvel movies over DC, the TV shows (excluding Iron fist – because WTF were they thinking?!?) are on par in DC’s favour. This was another bar above DC’s usual level of movies, but well below Wonder Woman.

It was heavily helped to this level by both Gal and Jason who’s stand alone movies (giving advance credit here in hopes for Aquaman) set the DC bar above 0 again. Barry just made em feel like they threw in a Avengers style Spiderman in for comic value.

It wasn’t worth it. That said, I would probably consider watching it again.


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