Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil- 2017

IMDB: Errementari – The Blacksmith and the Devil – 2017
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 67%
Previous Viewing Date: aa

When a blacksmith makes a deal with the demon to see his wife one more time, the demon naturally tries to claim on it only to be imprisoned by the very soul he was seeking to take.

When the blacksmith has lived alone for so long the air of mystery and suspicion infects the local town who believe him in line with the devil himself. When the little abused and girl Usue gets bullied and is forced into the blacksmiths compound without a chance of escape the town comes baying for blood for the perceived murder of the poor child.

Usue then releases a captive boy, except as she soon finds out, it was the demon who the blacksmith had imprisoned all those years ago.

When the forge gets a little crowded with half the bloody town in it, as well as another demon who has come for the soul of the blacksmith, the truth of the blacksmith’s history comes out, as well as that of the little Usue. When Usue makes a deal with the new demon to go to hell to see her mother. The blacksmith then goes after her.

So apart from some really crap dubbing (as this clearly was originally in Portuguese), this is a pretty up and down movie. The cheap special effects, the “demon” costumes are poor, the storyline is ok. There are moments where you are pulled into it, and then I also found myself at times wondering if it would be better off killing the movie and finding something else.

Would I watch this again, probably not. Am I glad I watched it, not really. But I’ve seen it now, and can take it off my lists.


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