Nanny McPhee 1 & 2 -2005 & 2010

IMDB: Nanny McPhee – 2005 & Nanny McPhee – 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 & 6.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 73% & 76%
Previous Viewing Date:

We all have, at our own, at a strangers, at our friends or siblings kids, just wished at times they would just behave, in a restaurant, in their homes, in your homes.

And, as we all know it doesn’t happen. And it drives us insane.

This is where Nanny McPhee comes in. Coming to a desperate father (of 7 bratty little shits) in the first one, and a mother (of 2 with 2 city cousins) in the second, she gives each set of kids 5 lessons to learn.

The first set gets to learn:
– To go to bed when they are told
– To get up when they are told
– To get dressed when they are told
– To listen, and
– To do exactly what they are told.

The second set gets to learn:
– Stop fighting
– Share nicely
– Help each other
– Be brave, and
– Have faith

As you can imagine all sorts of typical childish pranks and situations occur, from a wedding food fight in the first, to the disarming of a bomb in the second (yes I know this is so completely realistic). The children all squabble quite realistically like normal children with the pettiness, the backstabbing, and the general normality of family life.

This is a pair of movies, that even as individuals are ok to watch. They are not stellar hits by any measure (looks at the scores if you disagree) but they are both solid movies to watch with the kids (or to threaten the kids with) as a family, or even just by yourself.

The storyline is well “stretched” from the harsh reminder of daily reality, but isn’t that why we watch movies?



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