The Dragon Prince: S1- 2018

IMDB: The Dragon Prince: S1 – 2018
IMDB Rating: 8.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%
Previous Viewing Date: aa

When my partner put this on I wasn’t expecting much at all. It was a little animated tv series aimed at young teenagers (or my level of maturity I guess).

This tale tells us the story of a war that has been raging for years, ever since the last great war between humans and elves, the one where the kings of dragons was slain by the humans and he exceptionally rare egg was likewise destroyed.

The elves have never forgiven the humans, their king and his mage of the dark arts for this blatant act of destruction, and have been trying to get their revenge for this act ever since, and despite their aloof nature, no method is below them.

This includes using the potent assassination abilities of the Moon Elf Assassins, who under a full moon are nearly invincible. It all goes awry when the youngest of these assassins Claudia (really not a very good elven name) fakes completion of one of her missions, and after being chastised decides that she herself can kill the human king and his eldest prince.

Except this is where the story unwinds, and we get introduced to the egg that was previously assumed to have been destroyed by the human king. The two princes team up with Claudia and decide that they need to return the egg back to the Queen of Dragons.

But no-one wants them to get there. Or at least not alive.

Like I said at the start I was not expecting much (despite having dragon in the title), but I thoroughly enjoyed this series. All 9 episodes got binged in under 4 hours, and I could quite easily watch it through again.

The storyline is a very easy one to follow along with, and there is enough of it that it keeps you interested and pulled into whats happening along the way. I really must say that I got thoroughly (and willingly) suckered into this one.

If you are after easy to entertain the kids (or yourself) whilst you might be otherwise willing to give this a miss, consider instead giving it a go. You just might be surprised.


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