Braindead – 1989

IMDB: Braindead – 1989
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: na
Previous Viewing Date: na

After a strong recommendation from a work colleague to see this movie (the same one I’ll point out, who recommended Meet the Feebles to me) I decided to hunt it down, and found it on YouTube.

The story starts with some poachers stealing a monkey, a very dangerous monkey, that seemingly when it bites someone you need to remove the affected limb immediately. With force. It then moves on to a man Lionel who is heavily a mommies boy, and a young shop keeper Paquita who her mothers Tarot cards say she is destined to meet a man and fall wildly in love with him, with “eternal romance”.

Then when the two lovers are at the zoo his mother gets bitten by the monkey and becomes infected, shortly after eating Paquita’s dog his mother dies, before coming back to life as a zombie and killing the nurse.

But when she doesn’t stay dead, and starts to eat some other people as well, (cause lets be honest zombies have one hell of an appetite), the local preacher gets into it as well, with the hellishly funny line “I kick arse for the lord” he proceeds to, well kick arse for the lord, before he gets his arse kicked by the devils children.

Lionel brings all the dead, well the living dead back home and starts to take care of them, feeding them, and at the same time, tranq’ing them. Except the preacher and the nurse, don’t stay trans’ed and promptly keep getting at it to the point of having a baby together, which Lionel also takes care of. Everything gets turned upside down though when Les, Lionel’s uncle takes Lionel’s inheritance from the estate, which leads to everyone being infected.

So this isn’t a serious movie by any stretch of the imagination, and my imagination has got some serious stretch in it. This is like your typical C grade zombie horror flick with the blatantly excessive blood and guts that you would expect from a movie of this calibre.

This is not however Peter Jackson’s finest hour, and that is plainly obvious.

This is however quite hilarious in its ridiculous stupidity.


At Home with a Dragon – Pizza and a Movie




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