Red Sparrow – 2018

IMDB: Red Sparrow – 2018
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 47%
Previous Viewing Date: n/a

When the Russian prima ballerina Dominika Egororva has her leg broken during a performance, she suddenly finds herself struggling to take care of both herself and her ailing mother. The two of them suffer a very tough and uncertain future with no income coming in, she has a tough choice ahead of her.

When Domonika gets emotionally manipulated into working for one of Russia’s secret intelligence services called Sparrow by her uncle, she learns how to use her body and mind as a weapon to use against their enemies. She is taught her to ignore her old human instincts of self preservation and endures through the somewhat sadistic training regime, and by doing so she quickly becomes one of the most dangerous and powerful Sparrow’s that the program has ever turned out.

When she is sent to Istanbul to make contact with the American CIA agent Nate to discover from him who the mole is within the Russian intelligence, she learns that both sides know who the other side is and they also know who is playing the game, and the game is not playing by the rules that she has since been taught.

It doesn’t take too long though until each side is playing not only agains each other, but also against itself. It begins to go awry on both sides when threats becomes body count, it comes to a point that the only people who can trust the other is Russian Special Intelligence Domonika and American CIA Agent Nate. Especially when it comes to her family.

This isn’t a movie that you can partially watch, it requires staying in tune to the story to keep up with it, as it does takes a few turns (I won’t call them twists at this point). It was interesting, intriguing and I think the media hype of the movie placed far too much emphasis on the “sexual” nature of the training than what was actually in the movie itself which coloured the preconception of what the movie was going to be like.


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