The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 1975

IMDB: The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 1975
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 80%
Previous Viewing Date: 5th February 2018

Tim Curry plays the very well known role of the highly eccentric and very politically incorrect and inappropriate Dr Frank-N-Furter, as he brings life to his creation Rocky, and deals with the sudden appearance of two travellers who happen upon the door to his castle due to a broken down car.

The story follows all 4 main characters, Brad and Janet as well as Dr Frank-N-Furter and his creation Rocky as they explore each other and themselves in this interesting and unusually dynamic production (at least for when it was made).

All the secondary characters (you can’t really call them supporting characters because they are too important) also play an integral part in the story that is being told, and even the sing-song sessions that occur throughout, actually manage to further it too.

This production has some incredible design, the set creations and costuming that just exaserbates the eccentricity of the characters and the storyline are brilliant. True, they wouldn’t hold up to modern day designs and the like, but they still command respect.

This cast is amazing and this is by far a better show than that of the live performances on stage that I have seen as they tend to cut out a lot of the story. But he was never my favourite character, that little delight was instead the groupie, Columbia (played by Nell Campbell), who constantly delights us with her diverse performance in this show.

If you haven’t seen this yet, do so. You probably already know the songs, and you’ll likely start singing along or tapping your toes as they come up.


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