The 5th Wave – 2016

IMDB: The 5th Wave
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 15%
Previous Viewing Date: n/a

The 5th Wave promised to be an alien invasion movie like none other. And the first 20 odd minutes or so gave us hope. The storyline begins by running through what the first waves were.

First came a massive EMP blast to wipe out electronics, 2nd were excessively powerful earthquakes that devastated everything coastal, for the 3rd the aliens mutated SARS (the avian flu) to make it specifically deadly.

As Cassie, her father and little brother (Sam) escape to a little camp site they find other survivors who have also managed to survive the other attacks. Suddenly the army turns up in vehicles (which haven’t worked since the EMP blast in the 1st wave) saying they are here to rescue everyone, because they believe “there is an imminent threat to this area” and that “the 4th wave has begun, and that the “others” have come down from their ships and are inhabiting humans”. They split the adults from the children, shipping the kids off in buses straight away, and when Cassie misses the bus, shit hits the fan real bad, and the adults are slaughtered.

As Cassie journey’s to save Sam she meets another fellow survivor who isn’t quite what he makes himself out to be, and discovered some terrible truths along the way. At the same time Sam learns that the military are using kids to hunt down the others that are inhabiting humans in “units” made up of children, until he too learns a devastating secret about what is happening.

This movie promised so much, and really didn’t deliver it at all. The premise was great, the cast though seemingly young (and to me inexperienced) did give it a decent showing, but not enough to save it. The “final twist”, whilst inventive I have to admit, I did see coming by the end of the movie.

Despite this movie being adapted from a book, (and a book that I haven’t read) it gave it a really good go, which a lot of adaptions really don’t. Had I been a young teenager I think I would have enjoyed this movie a lot more than I did.



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