Catch Me If You Can – 2002

IMDB: Catch Me If You Can – 2002
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%
Previous Viewing Date: n/a

Based on the true story of the legendary cheque fraud mastermind Frank Abagnale Jr who managed to cheat, steal and defraud millions of dollars from banks across the US and the world, leaving the authorities in the dust every time they got close. But one man just won’t, can’t give up the chase.

Federal Agent Carl Hanratty stumbles across Frank’s work early in his career as he is imitating a Pan Am co-pilot, before Frank even reaches his 18th birthday, when he briefly impersonates a Secret Service agent who is trying to hunt Frank for cheque fraud as well. It gives him just enough time to escape before Carl realises his mistake, and gives chase.

As Carl continues to chase Frank throughout the states he constantly just misses out on nabbing him time and time again. Frank enjoy leading Carl around calls him every Christmas to talk and lightly tease, one year even telling Frank where he is, but Frank doesn’t believe him and misses out on the chase of his life. Frank begins his fraudulent career as the Pan Am co-pilot, before “becoming” a Paediatrician, then an attorney with Frank only a few steps behind every time.

As far as “true story” movies go, this is a pretty damn good one. Maybe it’s just because it is about a pre-adult evil genius criminal mastermind tickles the happy spots inside me. This movie is well cast with both Leo (who to be honest, I don’t typically like) and Tom (who I do typically like) and the frustration between their two characters is exceptionally well played and has the emotional connections.

This is a well told story, and a wonderful enthralling movie that pulls you contentedly through each stage until you each the end.


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