Deadpool – 2016

IMDB: Deadpool – 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Previous Viewing Date: 11th January, 2018

Marketed as a “Valentines Day romance” flick to the ladies and an “wildly inappropriate action comedy” to the guys, either way it has a habit of drawing people into Wade Wilson’s life as a wanna-not-be a good guy, who is just out for himself, and is “absolutely, not a hero”.

But when his life gets turned upside down by a sudden cancer scare, he turns to a medical mercenary (I guess you could call him that) for a potential cure. However instead of a cure, it turns him into the “Pock marked man”, like “2 avocados had sex, and not nice sex, they were hate fucking”. He begins a campaign to get his revenge on the man who made him this way.

I’ve seen this movie quite possibly too many times since it’s release over two years ago, and I still get a kick out of it every time. The humour is still fresh and amusing, the inappropriateness is still kicking it right in the nuts.

If you haven’t as yet seen this, this is something seriously incomplete with your life experience, that you should complete with all undue and unnecessary haste.


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