Toy Story 2 – 1999

IMDB: Toy Story 2 – 1999
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%
Previous Viewing Date: na

It’s time for spring cleaning at Andy’s household, and this means out with the old to the ol’ Yard Sale. And when Woody attempts to save Wheezy a penguin with a broken squeaker from the for sale box of toys, he himself gets stuck on the bench, and toy-napped by Al McWiggen who with Woody, has a complete set of the old Woody’s Round Up tv show.

Andy starts to learn more of who he is, where he came from, and the history of his origins on TV. As the other toys begin to mount a rescue, when they finally get there (with a 2nd Buzz) Woody tells them he isn’t prepared to leave and wants to stick with his new friends.

This is when he finds out one of his new friends isn’t quite the friend he thought they were, and upon making a hasty exit, discovers that Buzz’s enemy Zurg has also escaped the Toy Store and has been pursuing them as well.

I watched this immediately after the disappointing original, and wasn’t much moved by it either. I just find that I’m not feeling it. It just doesn’t hit me if you know what I mean.

It might as well be just filler noise.


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