MKR: S8E44 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E44 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

First semi final. Tonights competition puts the Italian boys Nic and Josh up against the Vietnamese ladies Kim and Suong, cooking for their place in the Grand Final. And tonight they will be serving the shows judging royalty. Asides from Pete and Manu, they will also be dishing up for Colin Fassnidge, LizEgan , Guy Grossi and Karen Martini.

Kim & Suong’s menu:

Entree: Fired Lemongrass Fish
Main: Prawn and Pork Noodle Soup
Dessert: Steamed Layer Cake

Nic and Josh’s menu:

Entree: Grilled Sardines with Nduja Mayo
Main: Papperdelle with Beef Ragout
Dessert: Coffee Budino with Chocolate Ice Cream with Amoretto

The ladies quickly get started on the stock for their main and both Pete and Manu comment on how much they are packing into those pots, and basically start drooling over how packed with flavour they are expecting it to be. First stress point comes when they pull their nuts out of the oven and they are black. Second batch forgotten on the stove, and the same thing happens, so their picking the best ones out.

The boys also get started on their dessert prep, knowing full well that they need to get going with everything, but half way through their first session, they haven’t even started on anything for the entree. 25 minutes in and they’ve barely started anything for the entree. Down to 15 minutes they get their mayo done, but still need to grill their sardines. At the 5 minute mark they have just got the sardines on the grill, no salads, no plates. They are running behind and they know it.

When the plating is done, the ladies looks exceptional, but the boys is shocking and judging by the (in Italian) “you filthy dog” comment they know it.

Nic and Josh: The dish was simple, but was missing the punch it needed. The sardines are cooked brilliantly, and the salad was good, but the nduja mayo just didn’t work for them.

Kim and Suong: Very generous and looks gorgeous. The crispy skin is blatantly crispy. The salad is very crunchy, the fish beautiful, the lemongrass is strong but not too much.

The ladies quickly check on their stock, they would normally had cooking for hours, and also get started on their dessert. They seem very on top of their menu tonight, this is how they should have been throughout the competition. They have really stepped themselves up tonight. Aaaaand, then Suong drops in a full bag (1kg) of tapioca starch into the pot. Lets hope she has a trick up her sleeve, because thats going to set super firm.

Getting straight back into the mains the boys seem a bit more on top of themselves now. And then it all goes wrong. Their ragout has burnt to the base of the pot, and now they race to try to save it. Luckily though the burnt taste hasn’t run through their sauce. Splitting up their ragout to cook it and the pasta up they have at least 3 pans going at a time. At least they aren’t leaving it til the last second anymore.

When the plating is done, the ladies looks a bit messy and thrown together in comparison to their entree, but the boys looks so inviting, the sauce is just perfectly coating their pasta.

Nic and Josh: The dish was absolutely finals cooking. The heat from the chilli and perfect silky pasta and the meat and everything is just exceptionally, maybe just a tad oily.

Kim and Suong: Colin would pay in a restaurant for this. So tasty and filled with texture, flavour, technique and yum. So incredible given that they “were running around like headless chickens”.

The girls get straight back to their layered cake, and start getting the pots hot to steam them. They start getting through their layers but it’s just taking so much time between each layer and they are running out of time.

The lads are getting onto the sugar syrup for the Italian meringue with an awesome gloss. 8 minutes out and they are already onto the plating of their dishes. And they are starting to get really grumpy at each other.

When the plating is done, the ladies looks very pretty but also very firm, but the boys looks so warm and enticing.

Nic and Josh: Doesn’t take long for the sound effects to start Colin even helps to finish off Karens. So “joyous” and fun and it’s just “luscious chocolatey caramel tones”.

Kim and Suong: The cake was just way too chewy, too dense, it just went too far. The flavours were great.

Josh and Nic’s efforts gave them an 8, 8, 7, 7, 8 and a 7 giving them a total of 45 out of 60

Kim and Suong’s efforts were given an 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 and a 9 giving them a total of 49 out of 60.

Kim and Suong are through to the grand final.


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