MKR: S8E43 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E43 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Tonight we fight for the last spot in the semi finals. It’s Tassie versus Sydney versus WA with Henry and Anna versus Olga and Valeria versus Stella and Jazzey. The judges are choosing the types of meals in this three course cook off. Ingredients are a free for all but the meals must adhere to the style of meals selected by the judges.

***The menu below is in order of when it went out by meal stage***

Entree: soup and 60 mins

Entree 1: Stella and Jazzey – Mexican seafood soup with crispy barramundi skin.

Entree 2: Olga and Valeria –  Borscht.

Entree 3: Henry and Anna – Onion Soup with truffle cheese toastie.

Main: roast and 90 minutes

Main 1: Olga and Valeria – Roast duck with cherry sauce.

Main 2: Stella and Jazzey – Furikake lamb rack with carrot ginger puree.

Main 3: Henry and Anna – Pork belly with apple sauce.

Dessert: 30 minutes and 30 minutes

Dessert 1: Henry and Anna – Baked custard tart with berry compote.

Dessert 2: Olga and Valeria – Paris brest.

Dessert 3: Stella and Jazzey – Pear and blueberry pie with expresso cream.

Everyone is going big because they know if they don’t they’ll be going home. The prep is just going nuts all over the kitchen as everyone desperately tries to get everything ready for the limited time for each course.

But it doesn’t take long for the edges to show as stress starts on the teams, aspects just not quite happening as expected, like Valeria’s pressure cooker not popping its knob as she would like, but at this point nothing can be done. Henry and Anna get a bit of a shock when Manu pops over and freaks them out when he says that Onion soup is french and he is there pointing out the flaws in their design.


Henry and Anna: it’s not a very pleasant looking dish it’s all dark and brown, but the soup has soaked into the bread, and the onions aren’t caramelised enough.

Stella and Jazzey: the crispy skin is crispy, the soup is extremely well seasoned and very satisfying to consume.

Olga and Valeria: it’s a very bright and colourful dish, but it tastes good and they are all impressed in the depth of flavour in the hour.

They all get going onto their mains, meat everywhere is getting seared off and thrown into the ovens. We have pork, duck and lamb. It’s a meat lovers dream tonight here in the kitchen tonight.

The first cut from Stella and Jazzey is flawlessly perfect. The pork from Henry and Anna, just isn’t playing nice and hasn’t crackled. The duck is however overcooked and so are their chances.

But when they decide to slice up some more duck and throw it on the grill, leaves the successful semi finalists fuming and shocked, as they have completely abandoned the brief.


Henry and Anna: the crackling has failed miserably, but the meat, the sauce is wonderful and deep.

Stella and Jazzey: the lamb is beautiful and pink, the seasoning is wonderful and the puree is fresh and delicious. The dish is both fun and inventive.

Olga and Valeria: Outright disappointment as it clearly isn’t a roast, but the accompaniments are sensational.

Onto the final round now with the desserts being finished off in the last 30 minutes of the cooking time that has been allotted. We have a tart, a pie and a paris brest  (well a glorified baked doughnut). Flavours abound in this round, and it is the last chance these three teams have to show why they should be in this competition.

And if you want to know to how it finished you should have watched it, because I didn’t get a chance too.


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