MKR: S8E39 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E39 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Tonight we are back in the north east of the country upon the Gold Coast with the cocktail couple Alex and Emily. We’re already a team down, but there may be another going without warning. Tonight they are going for something the other teams haven’t seen from them at any stage in this competition. Asian. Will it pay of for them, we’ll see shortly.

Alex and Emily’s Menu:

Entree 1: Chicken larb wonton stack with crispy chicken skin

Entree 2: Whiskey beef tataki with kombu celery

Main 1: Lamb ribs with wild rice

Main 2: Crispy pork belly with price nam pla

Dessert 1: Cointreau dark chocolate mousse with orange blossom and pistachio praline

Dessert 2: Bajan rum and coconut panna cotta

They quickly get into it, before we know it the desserts are in the coolers chilling as needed, the beef has been seared off, the pork belly (that is nearly as bid as little Emily) in is the pressure cooker. These guys are on top of it… For now.

The guests arrive and all look very bright and tropical except for Nic who (as Olga describes) who looks like a pimp. They are welcomed into the restaurant Love from Miami. The order are all taken, and the shock of how hot the larb is going to be.


Manu got the spicy dish, and straight off he’s disappointed by the “floppy” crispy chicken skin. The same had happened with the wonton. Pete loved the beef and the garlic chips, but the taste of whiskey was far too subtle for his liking. The guests quite enjoyed the dishes too for the most part.

Onto the mains the get started on their 2 rices for the dishes, and start on deep frying the pork belly which I swear I can smell through the TV….. Then in the next scene we see Alex with some chilli in his eye and it gets that glorious instant puff the eye gets when you get something in it.


Pete took the spicy one this time and found it near faultless. Manu had the lamb ribs and he found them “unbelievably tasty, sticky, yummy” he loved it. Even the contestants loved it all but just not enough sauce on the ribs.

Getting onto the desserts after a bit of success shortly leaves them struggling a little as it’s just not quite coming together. Especially for the cointreau mousse that just doesn’t have much of a cointreau flavour to it. Then the rum sauce for the mousse splits and then so do Alex and Emily as they begin to turn on each other.


Manu had the cointreau dish and couldn’t really taste any of the cointreau or the orang blossom, the mousse however was beautiful. Pete loved how it looked, the panna cotta was the perfect consistency and the sauce was great, but the coconut was just too subtle for the rest of the flavours.

Then Suong who has been feeling off all night suddenly up and leaves the table to be later found curled up in Alex and Emily’s outdoor setting, with Kim so very worried for her. The decision is then made to call an ambulance even though it may spell the end of the competition for them. But you can’t risk your own health.

We all hope it isn’t anything serious, and that they have a quick and succinct recovery with no lasting issues.

The scoring begins, and the other contestants give them a score of 44 gives them a great start. Their entree’s tonight gave them a 7 and a 7, getting them to 58. Mains also give them the great scores of 9 and 8, getting them up to 75. To finish of the night the lovely little desserts get them a 9 and a 9. Giving the the top spot with a score of 93.

This continues to leave Jess and Emma on the bottom of the ladder.


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