MKR: S8E38 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E38 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Tonight we are over in Fremantle with the waitresses Stella and Jazzey. This is the fall out episode. Tonight we find out what is/will happen regarding the previous episodes banishment of Sonya and Hadil.

Stella and Jazzey’s Menu:

Entree 1: Slow cooked Octopus with clams

Entree 2: Trout to with pickle and homemade bread

Main 1: Caponata with fried goats cheese and hazelnuts

Main 2: Pheasant with polenta

Dessert 1: Honey mousse with port jelly

Dessert 2: Self saucing lemon cake

All the guest arrive towards the end of the prep time, and as they go to sit down, and it is very noticeable absence with the fact that there is 2 sets of two empty chairs. Nobody has a clue as to what’s happening there. Except Olga, who advises that when people go missing in Russia, it is just better to not ask questions.

As soon as Pete and Manu arrive, they quickly put pay to any rumours and advise that the involvement of Sonya and Hadil has ended for the show. They also remind the girls of the penalty that they earned at the previous challenge, and this equates to 5 minutes less for each round.


The trout dish was ok but was missing the depth of its design needed at this point in the competition, as most of the elements weren’t quite done enough. As for the slow cooked octopus dish it was great, had good spice and depth, and the sauce was great, but it needed a big chunk of sour dough bread or at the very least, a spoon.

Going straight into the final prep and cooking for mains leaves Jazzey and Stella feeling a bit flat after their initial critique from the judges. But they decide to just do the best they can to make the other forget about their first meal. The pheasant leaves them guessing as to how hot to have it, they put it back in at 75, and when they pull it out, it’s at 82……. And overcooked.


The first thing we see is the difficulty that Pete has trying to get into the pheasant. Manu enjoyed the Caponata but the eggplant wasn’t cooked enough, but the goats cheese with pretzel crumb just made it to salty. Pete loved the polenta and the sauce, but the pheasant, as guessed was dry and well over cooked.

Stella and Jazzey are concerned with how they are going and know that these desserts are their last chance to remain in the competition. As they pull everything together, the walnuts aren’t salty enough for the honey mousse and they are just guessing on the condition of the lemon cake.


Manu just looks confused as he eats his dessert. The cake was missing the self saucing aspect, and the cream needed the sweetness to offset the bitterness of the tea in the cream. And poor Pete enjoyed the mousse, but the walnuts are just too salty that it overpowers the port jelly.

It has not been a good night for the girls.

As all the votes start being tallied, it’s gonna be a tough call to say they’ll beat Jess and Emma on the bottom, but with the seemingly average of 5’s from the other contestants seems promising. Entree’s earned them a 6 and a 7, putting them on 13. For main their dishes gave them a 3 and a 6, putting them up to 22. Desserts disappointments gave them a 2 and a 2, putting them up to a total 26. The other contestants gave you 31, giving them a total of 57.

This continues to leave Jess and Emma on the bottom of the ladder.


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