Hook – 1991

IMDB: Hook – 1991

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 29%

When Peter Panners returns to his grandmothers house after many many years away, only to have his two kids stolen from their house as they are out. A note is left for Peter Pan advising of the kidnapping, a note from Captain Hook.

Peter doesn’t understand but his grandmother Wendy (yes that Wendy) and an appearance from Tinkerbell before he gets dragged back to Neverland to answer to Captain Hook for the loss of his hand to the crocodile, and his kids will be the source of the vengeance.

Over time and with help from both Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys he must remember who he is and how to be the hero he needs to be, but Hook won’t play fair.

This was Spielberg’s 14th top grossing film which doesn’t sound too great until you realise that he has done so many movies in his exceptional career. This was also (apparently) one of Robin Williams’ best movies too, although I just really don’t like his  style of acting in this one. It just doesn’t seem like he has his heart in it, even Julia Roberts (who plays Tinkerbell) doesn’t seem interested in their characters.

It just feels flat to me. Like they’d just finished another shoot, and decide to just throw it together.


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