MKR: S8E37 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E37 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Tonight we are back in glorious Tassie with Henry and Anna as they cook for their spot in the Ultimate Dinner party, with the same time restrictions as Jess and Emma last night, where it hurt them hard as it stressed them out badly.

Henry and Anna’s Menu:

Entree 1: Beetroot feta and walnut tart

Entree 2: Kangaroo with pepper berry sauce

Main 1: Lamb backstop with pea puree and

Main 2: Chicken with mushroom sauce with roast potatoes and

Dessert 1: Lemon tart with blueberry compote

Dessert 2: Pavlova with rhubarb and strawberries

As the other contestants arrive, they are looking good (except for Jess and Emma who look like they’re wearing a country tablecloth), but already Sonya and Hadil are drilling into Jess and Emma regarding their exceptionally high *cough* score of 52 they got last night saying they’ll be able to beat that easily and ‘with their eyes closed’.


As they take their entrees out they express their disappointment of the roo as they hadn’t left it to rest enough and has bled everywhere, but the tart looks delicious.

Pete does confirm that the roo was cooked perfectly, but the sauce didn’t have enough pepper berry in the sauce. Manu on the other hand loved the tart with the combination of the flavours, but the tart base just wasn’t great texture.

Olga’s story does concern some of the contestants as she quietly recalls the tales of how she used to kill chickens and ducks depending on what she wanted for dinner that night. The looks of shock and horror around the table (except the chefs) is just simply beautiful.

But when the table start talking about what they want for the mains, Sonya and Hadil are hoping for no breasts and hopefully a Maryland style of chicken Jess and Emma want the chicken breasts. The looks start…


Manu got the chicken and he outright states that it was absolutely delicious, he loved the chicken, he loved the sauce, but it was an easy dish. Pete came straight out and said that he was more captivated by Manu’s plate, and again it was good, but not great.

Sonya and Hadil, however as normal nothing pleases them and they could do better with their eye closed. Embers are settling, and I suspect it won’t be long before the sparks are flying and the flames of war begin to burn.

When Jazzey and Stella decide to ‘helpfully’ take all the dishes into the kitchen, the throw Henry off a little, and he needs to knuckle down and refocus. As they start to pull their desserts together they find that they aren’t happy with what they have.

Back at the table the girls get at it starting to trade barbs, with Sonya and Hadil stating that they’ll be fine when it gets to their turn, and they’ll beat 52 with ‘their eye’s closed’. (You may start noticing a trend here). Jess and Emma state they don’t know what it’ll be like when it’s their turn and hope that they don’t have to eat their words. It does seem like the sparks are flying.

Aaaaaaaand then comes the ‘blowfish’ comment the shock on everyones face is both sudden and deafening.

Pete quickly brings things back to order and tells everyone to drop it and get back to the conversation of food.


Pete had the pav, but the pac was hollow and dry, but the rhubarb lifted it up. Manu had the lemon tart and it was ‘the most perfect tart you could ask for’. He can’t praise them enough. As for the contestants well you can guess how much praise Sonya and Hadil gave them (it you guessed more than none, you may have been watching a different episode).

Aaaaand another subtle jab at Jess and Emma by stating that they expect that Henry and Anna will be on the top of the leaderboard… ‘By a landslide…’

Hmmm… Seems like there might be a flame there…

But, when it comes down to it, it all comes down to the scores. The other contestants gave them a total of 48. For the main the judges give them an 6 and a 6. Bringing them to a 60. For mains, they get a 5 and a 8. Now up to 73. But the dessert is the biggest contrast with a 3 and a 10.

This gives them a total of 86 and firmly on top of the leaderboard for now.

Tomorrow will take us to Kim and Suongs place, where the burning coals from tonights episode will turn into a wildfire or epic proportions.


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