The Karate Kid – 1984

IMDB: The Karate Kid – 2984

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 88%

The original movie that set Karate into mainstream media. When Daniel and his mother move to California from New Jersey, despite his mothers dreams, finds himself falling for a local girl and being heavily bullied by the local karate crowd.

When the maintenance man spares him from a beating from them, Daniels world turns upside down, as the the old guy Mr Miyagi not only enters Daniel into a Karate tournament, but also begins to train him in the true ways of Karate. But this training isn’t what Daniel would expect. Washing cars, sanding walkways, painting fences, painting house but it starts to sink in and in a moment of clarity for him, he begins to understand what he is being taught.

This is a much better version than the later one starring Jaden Smith, it just feels so much more authentic. The story is welcoming and pulls you into it, drawing your mind along with the journey that Daniel is on.


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