Space Cowboys – 2000

IMDB: Space Cowboys – 2000

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

When a Russian satellite starts to veer off course and is threatening to re-enter the earths atmosphere, the discovery that it is the American made guidance system that is the source of the directional alteration issue.

Tracing the system back to its creators leads to Frank Corvin who was turned down to originally go into space when NASA was formed and Gerson gains all his influence And he is still holding a grudge. After some prodding Corvin finally agrees to let Frank go but  only if he can pick his team.

After doing their testing and training (and making a bit of a mockery of it) they embark on the journey to the satellite to fix it. Shame how they weren’t told the whole truth huh?

I haven’t seen this movie in a very long time, probably in the first 5 years since it came out I’d  imagine, and I remember this being so much better.

This felt, was tired. Maybe I just didn’t get into it this time but I just felt bored by it this time around. Whilst the storyline isn’t bad, it just isn’t that good either.


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