Shamless: S1E1-2 – 2011

IMDB: Shameless: S1 – 2011

IMDB Rating: 8.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

I have heard plenty of good things about this show (and despite the explicit nature of sex that gets screen time), it’s been primarily from women as well.

This show follows the Gallagher family, dear old dad (typically wasted and drunk), Fiona the eldest sister (has to play mum to everyone), Lip the eldest son (tutors for bj’s), Carl the next son (playing soldier with full ‘don’t ask- don’t tell’ applied), plus 3 more, aaaand the overly horny neighbours.

The first episode is basically an introduction to the major cast in the show, who they are, what they do, what’s wrong with them. It’s kinda like 20 questions with them all.

The second episode is slightly more amusing. The new boyfriend (or perhaps wannabe boyfriend is more accurate) kidnaps dear old dad after he headsets one of the boys, and then dumps him in Toronto. Then it becomes a road trip up in order to smuggle him back only for him to shack up with the recently single mother of the girl who Lip is tutoring.

I’m not gonna lie, from what I had heard, I was expecting waaaaay more sex, but the fact that there was only a quick romp in the kitchen in Ep 1, didn’t actually spoil it. This show (at least thus far) really seems to have nailed (no pun intended) the whole struggling dysfunctional family just trying to survive.

I think I’m going to enjoy seeing more of this.


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