B: The Beginning: S1 – 2018

IMDB: B: The Beginning: S1 – 2018

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na% (season not rated)

The series opens with some hunting, a bit of light voyeurism and a murder. It seems this is just another in a series of unusual killings that has occurred. But the legendary Royal Investigation Service (the RIS) are on the case. This is when Flick (better known as Genii) arrives back in town.

As the investigations continues they find themselves coming across more and more of the supernatural as well as more of the mysterious organisation that is orchestrating these killings all across the city. All of these crimes find the calling card of the serial killer “B” scratched into a nearby surface. But all who are killed appear to be bad people in and of themselves to begin with.

But when everything starts tying its way back to the death of Flicks sister, everything begins to go crazy, and we discover that man was trying to bring back 13 gods, and instead only created monsters.

This was a great show, plenty of story, plenty of action and heaps of enjoyment. If you are not too sure what anime to watch next, I’m definitely suggesting you binge yourself on this one. You could get through it in around 2.5 hours straight, and it’d be worth it.


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