Happy Feet – 2006

IMDB: Happy Feet – 2006

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 75%

This movie follow the journey of Mumble the slightly handicapped penguin, who just cannot find his song, that one song that will endear him to his future mate. He tries to convince Gloria to rethink the ways and accept him, but instead it backfires, and he leaves.

He comes upon Ramone after a narrow escape from a sea lion, who inspires him to go back to her and love her his own way.  Upon his return he learns a number of truths, and that the colony elders indicate that it is his ‘happy feet’ that is the cause of the fish shortage that is plaguing them currently, whereas Mumble knows for well that it is from outside, the the lack of fish has occurred. And he will be back, with answers.

This movie has a lot of undertones of various vilification occurring throughout the film, ranging from basic bullying of someone who is different, to the fear that begets violence, to organised intimidation against the masses by the government against something that is new but otherwise harmful (actually that aspect reminds me of Footloose). A lot of that ‘vilification’ I have actually missed in previous viewings and it just didn’t click til this viewing, making this a lot more powerful than previous ones.

Asides from all of that, this movie has a great soundtrack and a great cast (RIP Robin Williams) that this movie takes full advantage of.


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