Cars 3 – 2017

IMDB: Cars 3 – 2017

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

The newest instalment of the Cars series brings us to the end of Lightning’s career. In the first few scenes we see Lightning crash out being taken down by the newest rookie Jackson Storm, and then the depression one gets when what you know is your life comes to an end. But he eventually comes out of it and begins retraining to take his top spot back.

He trains in a variety of locations and under different coaches with little successes that continue to put a damper on his spirits and make him second guess his choices. Sadly as he starts his final race, he realises the race isn’t his, it’s his trainers race, and he quickly puts her in in his place. She comes out and Storm begins to taunt and get in her head, only for her to take hime down in the same way that Lightning did.

This movie wasn’t as great as the first (lets just pretend the second one never happened shall we???, but what this movie did do really well, is show that things progress. Life will kick you down, but it will still give you opportunities to move on with. This is probably a lesson that is blatantly lost on kids, but on us adults, it is probably a lesson we could do to remember well.


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