Sword Gai: The Animation :S1E1-12 – 2018

IMDB: Sword Gai: The Animation – 2018

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na%

When a boy is born in the middle of a forest to a women possessed by the Demon sword Shiryuu, he is taken home by a local sword smith to raise as his own. The boy now named Gai has a unique bond with the sword, as he hears its call in his mind frequently leading him to be anti-social, and slightly unconventional around others, particular the smiths main student.

When trouble arises, blows come to happen, and during a cleansing ceremony the smiths daughter using Shiryuu takes off the right arm of Gai. The smith knowing Shiryuu to be part of Gai in a way he can’t fully explain, remakes the sword into a prosthetic arm for him, and the evil of sword begins to fully mingle with the nature of Guy.

This brings him to the attention of various parties who seem inclined to help him stay safe and control the demon within. But their are other parties who want hime to let go and let Shiryuu take control. This takes Gai into a series of events and combats that begin to help him understand what is happening.

Throughout this season we are introduced to a variety of other weapons, and their ‘human hosts’ as few people are willing to restrain the urge to kill that overcome them.

It’s been a while since I have binged an entire series of anime in a hit, but i thoroughly enjoyed this one. I cannot wait for the next season to be released.


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