Pacific Rim – 2013

IMDB: Pacific Rim – 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 71%

In prepration for Pacific Rim 2, I figured I should revisit the first to freshen up on my memories of it, the story, the progress, the war.

It begins very simply, with a visual explanation of how it all started, with tectonic plates and the breach, the level 1’s, then the level 2’s. Leading to battles across the world, the frequency increasing, the war… The war we’re losing. Finally the human race bands together to build the Jagar’s, then we begin to win again.

But it doesn’t last long before we can’t keep up, ending with more powerful Kaiju’s and one brother losing another.

5 years later, the Yager program has been discontinued, and the world has decided that building a wall will keep them out (kinda like how a lock on a door will keep a robber out). Unfortunately thats a flawed plan, and little old Sydney takes one for the team. Now the Yagar resistance are planning for one final hit to take out and close the breach. Once and for all.

I really enjoyed this movie when I first saw it, and it took me back to year early years of Macross (and its western version Robotech) and how much I love the idea of ‘Mech’ wars and ‘Mech’ combat. I feel the same with this movie as well.

If you like the ideas of giant robots beating up giant aliens then you are going to get a bit of a kick (pun intended) out of this movie.


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