Miss Potter – 2006

IMDB: Miss Potter – 2006

IMDB Rating: 7.0/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 66%

This tells the story of Beatrice Potter the author of the exceptionally famous book Peter Rabbit as she comes into her own as a author and a graphical artist. It tells of her disapproving mother who continues to set her up, to which she declines all, and her father who just sees his little girl drawing him pictures of animals, like she has since she was just a little child.

It continues on with her working and falling for her publisher, Mr Norman Warne who himself falls for her works and her stories, and then finally with her. As he publishes her first book with such success that it leads to 2 more. But still this does not improve her mothers perspective, as she doesn’t feel that a “lowly trader” is suitable for her daughter.

Instead, she makes a deal with her parents to spend a year away with her parents and if she stills loves him, then she will have their blessing, but when the letters stop, she receives one final one, from his sister, which explains enough to send her fleeing back to London.

This was an interesting movie, it started and traversed the years well, but to me it ended short, and to me that just didn’t sit right. The story however was somewhat enjoyable but to me the sudden finalisation kills this movie short of perhaps where it should otherwise be seated.




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