The Games Maker – 2014

IMDB: The Games Maker – 2014

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 40%

When little Ivan Drago decides to enter a competitions for games inventors, he starts down a road that will begin with him getting a little tattoo that he can’t remove. A brand if you will, then his parents get “killed” and he is shipped off to “Possum” a school for the “gifted” that takes him further down the path of mystery and imagination.

Leading him to his grandfather, and his grandfathers evil nemesis Morodian who is trying to use Ivan to fulfil his curse against Ivan grandfather, in a last ditch effort to close him down.

To defeat Morodian’s plans he needs to defeat his traps, save his friend and his parents, trust a fake (I mean professional) Ivan, and ultimately take down the dastardly Morobian and escape.

Not a terrible movie, but it is a good family movie. Whilst it didn’t really tickle the bits of me that appeal to my inner self, it was an enjoyable (albeit basic) movie. Aspects were quite obvious as to what was about to happen (my partner particular got annoyed with me guessing ahead in the storyline) but that often happens with simple movies.

Not a bad one to throw on for background noise that doesn’t require 100% concentration.


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