My 200th Post – Some Stats and Insights

So I thought for my 200th blog post I’d look at some of the stats that my blog, that this page has generated in the first 3 months(dish) of its life.

So for those who follow this, or see this on Facebook, feel free to skip over this post, it isn’t about a movie I’ve seen or the episode of a TV show that I’ve just watched. It’s just numbers, thoughts and my mildly unprovoked mental ramblings.

But most importantly, before I go on, I just want to thank the people who have liked my posts, and for those select few who have chosen to actually get notified when I put up a new post. So thank you.

Firstly the base data:

  • This blog is 3 months old today. It started January 2nd with my “Intentions” post.
  • This post makes 200 posts so far in this blog.

  • A full 50% of my followers have been following me since January.

  • This blog has received a total of 299 referrals.
    • 204 from WordPress – which makes sense
    • 32 from Facebook – which is awesome that people feel like they can share my thoughts to their friends (heck even if they are just making fun of me on their wall I’ll take it)
    • and 63 via search engines. Some of which I have never even heard of before (like Yandex – I actually had to {forgive the pun} Google that one)
  • Speaking of Search Engines, I’ve had 3 recorded search terms that have led to this blog, as well as 47 Unknown search terms, as for the 3 recorded ones:

  • This blog has been viewed in 25 countries. The standard biggies are no surprise, Australia (given that is where I am), the USA and the UK, Canada and India, but as the list goes down further, it gets a bit more interesting. Sharing a single view:

    • I have both China’s (mainland and Honk Kong) and Thailand
    • Cameroon and Jamaica.
    • Romania, Venezuela, Hungary and Russia
    • Belgium, Norway and Switzerland
    • The UAE.
  • Sharing 2-7 views:
    • Ukraine
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Germany
    • Ireland
    • Malaysia
    • Turkey
  • My top 5 most popular posts are:

  • Something that I am most pleased about is that despite getting a total of 426 views across my site, less than a third of my posts have only the one view. Which given both how new this blogs is, and how new I am at doing a blog.


  • Half as many again only have two views.
  • I have 25 posts that have 5 or more views, including one I only put up a couple fo days ago.
  • Sunday is my most popular day with 23% of all views, which probably stands to reason.
  • 3:00pm is my most popular time with 11% of all views, it was 2:00am not too long ago, so I probably have two popular times at the opposite ends of the day.

If you have gone through all of this, thank you. I don’t know if any of this interests you or not, but I thought it was interesting enough to me to share.


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