Max 2: White House Hero – 2017

IMDB: Max 2: White House Hero – 2017

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 57%

When young TJ moves into the White House, he befriends Max who has been assigned to the White House as a Secret Service dog (because the usual dog is on maternity leave – because in the USA dog maternity leave is a thing).

After the Russian President arrives for a visit to discuss peace talks (slightly different to the current reality where they’d probably discuss golden showers and who’s banged who of late – although Putin seems to keep his hands to himself unlike his American counterpart), he brings Alex along with him, who TJ will need to entertain.

Turns out that Alex is actually Alexandra and she quickly finds TJ becoming quite enamoured of her, and vice versa. But when Alex nearly gets kidnapped, the two of them start seeing conspiracies everywhere. It becomes a mild comedy of errors as they and Max continually upset the plans of the conspirators.

This is very much a kids movie, but that said I did find myself enjoying it. It was stupidly a movie not even remotely targeted at adults, there was very little humour that was even designed for the more mature (at least chronologically) viewer. But despite that, the story pulled me in enough to keep me watching it.


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