Lucy – 2014

IMDB: Lucy – 2014

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

All Lucy had to do was handover a briefcase.

But of course that would make such a boring (and short) movie.

Instead, she gets stuck in the middle of a drug deal with a synthetic agent called CPH4 and instead she’s turned into a drug mule, but when the package begins leaking inside her, her body manages to accept it in the massive quantity that her insides have been exposed to.

This leads her to be able to unlock more of her brain than any other human, which leads her to reach out to Professor Norman who is the foremost expert on the usage of someones brain. He, once surprised by a voice on the phone, a face on the TV, phone, computer, suggest that she passes on the knowledge she is accumulating. Just like any other cell.

Now she is on her journey, of both self discovery and revenge on those her turned her into this.

The next person she calls on (though I don’t get why she picked them) is the French policeman Pierre, who assists her throughout by re-obtaining the drugs carried by the other drug mules.

Whilst this movie plays on the well known theory that we only use a fraction of our minds (10% I think) and then takes it down the path of what happens when we start to open up more of our mind, and the capability that comes with it. Science fiction indeed. Science fact? We will likely never know.

I did enjoy this movie, admittedly as I tend to for most our Scarlett’s work, the scientist in me tends to scoff at the premise of the movie, but that said, it quite clearly is not a documentary.


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