The Sorcerers Apprentice – 2010

IMDB: The Sorcerers Apprentice – 2010

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 40%

So I will start with the comment that this movie is like, umm a gazillion times better than the last Nicholas Cage movie I reviewed on here.

When the sorcerer Balthazar gets pulled into the future (well our current day) to yet again do battle with his mortal nemesis Horvath who has escaped and is seeking to release the even more devious Morgana, in an age old quest for the power of Merlin.

When Balthazar tracks down Dave Stutler who had a run in with the two sorcerers earlier in his life, which to be fair, kinda messed him up. Anyhow, it seems that poor Dave is actually the true heir to Merlins power, and now this molecular physics student must learn how to harness Merlins power and save the world.

Oh and get the girl of course. The one he buggered it up with when he had the first run in with the Sorcerers.

This is a modern(dish) setting for the well repeated story regarding the rags to power stories that have told so many times before. It’s not a bad movie, but its not a great one either. It is though well worth a watch, if only for how they have done the special effects for the various spells that get done by the combatants throughout the movie.


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