Annihilation – 2018

IMDB: Annihilation – 2018

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 87%

When an meteorite hits earth at the base of a light house (I know, great targeting right?) it begins to change it’s environment in a field that is expanding, and little by little altering the nature of its space. We called it, the Shimmer. Everyone who goes inside the Shimmer, never comes back out, except for one man.

When a biologists husband who vanished for 12 months whilst on military assignment suddenly reappears in her house, and then suddenly falls ill, the world changes for her. Then enters the government conspiracies, is this a religious event, an extra terrestrial event, a higher plan or dimension? As yet another team prepares to enter the Shimmer, this time they are hoping for a result that doesn’t include death.

This movie is an interesting one, based off a book (which I’ll point out now I haven’t actually read) and by all accounts is not a poor doing of it. That said, I think it relied a little too much on flashbacks that didn’t always seem to add to the storyline. That said I didn’t mind it. It is worth a watch.


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