MKR: S8E34 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E34 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Tonights Elimination House pits Kim and Suong who sacrificed everything against Davide and Marco who have shared a lifetime of laughter. For one (or two technically if you think about it) the journey will end (in tears I reckon), the other will continue on to fight another day with sauce stains on their aprons. {– I wonder who does their laundry, I bet they don’t use the products they advertise during the breaks –}

Both teams are expected to cook to their strengths, but as we’ve seen things go wrong.

Kim and Suong’s Menu:

Entree: Chao Tom (sugarcane prawns)

Mains: Canh Chua (sweet and sour soup)

Dessert: Che Troi Nuoc (

Davide and Marco’s Menu:

Entree: Agnolotti al Sugo

Mains: Risotto ai Fruitti di Mare

Dessert: Zabione

As the other contestants arrive, they get a talking to by Manu (who is a little calmer today) about how they are responsible for the future of the two teams in the cook off, but naturally Hadil and Sonya have already said that they’ll be backing Davide and Marco regardless. Yep, they’re there for the money, not the food. May the brownest nose win!

They have a look at the menu, and no-one (except the other Italian lads) understand any of the menu items, and they kindly do a translation at least of the Italian items.

But it doesn’t take long for things to start going wrong in the kitchen, when the boys pasta sauce goes bitter, it’s back to scratch for them and their pasta sauce. Surprisingly the ladies are not running behind as they normally are. Is this going to be the old “calm before the storm” or have they finally got their issues sorted and stored?

Nope. But we knew that right?


Kim and Suong’s Entree is absolutely massive in comparison to that of their competition. But watching people trying to eat it is hilarious, and then the compliments starting flowing. It’s flavours were also exceptionally well balanced.

Davide and Marco’s Entree is well made and wonderfully presented but the sauce is what lets them down on this one as it just wasn’t cooked enough.

The best part of the table discussion is Hadil when she makes the jaw dropping, thought stopping comment “anything anyone cooks, she can cook better“, which merely minutes (at least with our viewing) later brings Nic out from being thrown the comment after he says he can cook anything, and Hadil asking if he can cook Arabic to respond with “doesn’t matter what I can cook because you can cook it better.” Poor Hadil didn’t look impressed though.

But back in the kitchen, both teams are struggling to get their meals progressing. Davide and Marco still have heaps of seafood to shuck, and the risotto is a bit too wet, and the fish for Kim and Suong is just not quite cooked, but as they cook it a bit more, will they take it too far.

But both teams are happy with their work.


Kim and Suong’s main is amazing to look at, is filled with flavour and just is amazing. Manu, never having had this soup before, is wow’ed, especially the crispy skin of the fish. And for Pete, this was the dish of the competition.

Davide and Marco’s main is too sloppy, and there just isn’t enough of a seafood flavour into it, and the saffron has over dominated the minimal flavour of the seafood.

Luckily, though the conversation takes a weird turn (and well overdue after Hadils earlier ideas about her cooking capabilities) Sonya wants some light and hairy custard, and Henry wants some big sticky balls on his plate. But the last meal will likely decide the fate of those cooking it.

Sadly Henry desired balls just aren’t cooking which is starting to worry Kim and Suong, whilst Davide and Marco aren’t sure if they have enough fruit to go around, but they will make it do.


Kim and Suong’s dessert looks a bit odd and interesting, but their balls are gluggy not sticky, and just a bit lacking overall. The coconut cream sauce was just so missing the ginger that was promised.

Davide and Marco’s dessert is really good, and the biscuit just tops it off, great flavours throughout the entire dish, but sadly the custard wasn’t quite cooked long enough to cook out some of that alcohol.

Ultimately though, one team must be let go (now that comment has me thinking of Trump firing people – what a way to spoil a good time) not having performed quite highly enough to keep themselves in the game, and tonight it looks like it is be Davide and Marco going home, leaving Kim and Suong to the next series of challenges.



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