MKR: S8E33 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E33 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Tonight has Group 2 in the kitchen working under Head Chef Manu. Working in the kitchen of  the Butcher and the Farmer housed in the Tramsheds. Colin is looking to see that each teams menu items work well together in a 3 plate menu for a lunch rush, and that they must be a shareable menu.

It’s going to get hot in the kitchen tonight, and if you can’t stand the heat…

3 Dish Menu:

Davide and Marco: Octopus salad, prawns and vongole.

Hadil and Sonya: Chargrilled tiger prawns with salsa, wagyu beef with roasted bone marrow and cinnamon kofta with beetroot hummus.

Olga and Valeria: Russian potato salad, deconstructed beef stroganoff and chicken kiev croquettes with yoghurt sauce.

Henry and Anna: Baked rainbow trout eye, eye fillet with salsa verde and blue cheese stuffed dates.

WTF thats not how you use a knife. Uggh, I’m cringing badly inside. That poor knife! I’m not sure which is worse, them or the Nic (or was it Josh) last night using a ladle in a blender.

Here comes Group 1 into the restaurant and they start to talk about each of the menus, but surprisingly they are actually being half decent about it, and they all have praise for Henry and Anna, who they are calling the quiet achievers.

Sonya and Hadil seem to be the focus of tonights episode, with the two of them constantly being on screen complaining about not being ready, and needing more time for everything.

Henry and Annas dishes are well conceived, the fish is lovely and moist the herb mayo delicious, the steak is well cooked well seasoned, and the stuffed dates is a wonderful way to finish the meal off.

Olga and Valeria’s set of dishes are a very Russian mixture, the kiev just oozes flavour and scent, the judges are unsure about the potato salad as it is just too dry, and the stroganoff is the over cooked. Group 1 are pretty unforgiving but they love the sauces.

Hadil and Sonya’s set of dishes look very impressive on the plate, the prawns are ok the pesto they come with is great though, the kofta is missing the acidity of the normal hummus, the wagyu and marrow is a great combo the zucchini flower just doesn’t work with it though.

Davide and Marco 3 dishes the Vongole is great, being able to dip the bread in it to sock up that amazing broth, “nom”. The prawns are great and juicy, but it is just no significant flavour, the octopus despite being beautifully cooked, are just missing all the seasoning, across all their dishes.

Once the tickets are stabbed, and the votes submitted and counted, it comes down to how they all went. Like with each of these challenges, there is a peoples choice, and a team to go meet Kim and Suong in the Elimination House fighting for the right to survive.

Tonights peoples choice is going to the talented couple of Olga and Valeria, however the bottom team has really fallen badly and that goes to Davide and Marco, who will be joining Kim and Suong.


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