MKR: S8E “um’teen” – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E “umpteen” – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Group two heads into the (apparently) famous Spice Alley in the heart of Sydney, as they are here to cook asian street food, and Georgie and Alicia should be right at home here, but will they be able to take the mantle?

Street food:

Georgie and Alicia: Fried chicken with noodle salad

Sonya and Hadil: Shrimp and sweet potato fritters

Olga and Valeria: Chilli pan me

Henry and Anna: Thai green chicken curry

Davide and Marco: 5 spice salmon tortilla

Dan and Gemma: Chinese pork and chive dumplings

Everybody is having huge troubles as they come up to service time, they are all struggling, with one aspect or another. It is just madness in these stalls, just mad.

Olga and Valeria’s dish has such a heavy hit of chilli the meat was excellent, but their noodles were a really huge let down as they are all stuck together.

Henry and Anna’s dish is quite pleasant to look at, but it is a bit bland, and just too safe.

Dan and Gemma’s dish is they love the soy and garlic sauce, as the dumplings are just dry and flavourless, and filled with air.

Georgie and Alicia’s dish is just too salty. Like ridiculously salty. It just wasn’t to the level the judges were expecting.

Sonya and Hadil’s dish makes the judges go “om nom nom nom nom”. “It’s just fricken yum!” The girls wanted authenticity, and it seems they nailed it.

Davide and Marco’s dish asides from not being asian, leaves the judges just wondering wheres the asian and what happened to the brief.

Of all the choices though, somehow the Mexican dish (in the asian challenge) done by Davide and Marco get peoples choice. This means that (and quite clearly) Dan and Gemma are off to Elimination House.



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