Good Will Hunting – 1997

IMDB: Good Will Hunting – 1997

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 97%

This movie is well known and both quite mental and emotional journey of a young man who has lost his way on the road of his life. When he lands the job of a janitor at the highly prestigious MIT, and whilst working solves the magical formulas left on the halls chalkboards, before being discovered, falling in love, drowning up and discovering who he is.

This movie at a little over 2 hours is actually a really long movie (and by that I mean it feels like a long movie) but despite feeling like it is dragging on and on and on, it holds your attention during it.

As a story written by two actors (Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) you probably don’t expect it to be quite so well rounded and feel so finished, but thats what the final product is, and it’s a really great way to spend a couple of hours.


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