Herbie Fully Loaded – 2005

IMDB: Herbie Fully Loaded – 2005

IMDB Rating: 4.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 42%

The newest (by a long shot) movie of the classic Herbie series with a focus on car racing that the little “bug’o’love” delights in participating in. He really comes alive when his rider slips into him, snugly into his interior as they often end up shouting in delight and ecstasy.

This one starts off with Maggie Peyton, daughter of the legendary Peyton racing family being “gifted” the bug by her father, who no sooner gets involved in a “mild scratch up” with Nascar driver Trip (Hazard) Murphy and “smacks him ‘upside the face” in a street race, which leaves him seething and desperate to take him out.

I don’t mind this movie really. I mean as far as the Herbie movies go it’s pretty ordinary. Well actually to be fair as far as movies go it’s pretty ordinary.

But, that said this was one of the good “pre-drug an alcohol filled” rampages that she ended up going into before her crazy faze. She seems a little bit more normal or perhaps innocent which suits the character she was portraying. She certainly couldn’t do that character now.



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