MKR: S8E “lost count” – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E “lost count” – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%  *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

Well as you can probably guess, I’ve missed a few episodes, so I don’t actually know what episode we are up to, but it is elimination house round. Matt and Aly versus Nic and Josh.

As the lead up to the two pairs delivering the entree, we can already see the blatant “power personalities” in play, and they do not appear to be willing to play nice tonight. This will be a great episode, with plenty of fireworks.


Matt and Aly: Chicken liver parfait

Nic and Josh: Trippa alla calabrese

The editors of the show are definitely pitting the Russians against the plastics, though. It’s nearly on like Donkey Kong in the middle of the table.


Matt and Aly: Lamb rack with parsnip puree and beetroot

Nic and Josh: Tagliatelle with salsiccia e fungi

If the table isn’t group 1 versus group 2, then I don’t know what is going on. Aaaaaand then they start attacking each other for being strategic. WTF!?! You are all being strategic on both sides. There’s more politics here then in Parliament House.


Matt and Aly: Chocolate fig and hazelnut cake with raspberry marscapone

Nic and Josh: Tiramisu

Olga, were you impressed?” And then the plastics decide to have a staring contest with Olga. I remember having these staring contests at school. Usually it had more attempts to make the other person blink. You know by throwing something at them, or poking them, maybe flicking them between the eyes.


I do wonder if Manu’s comment about the salt was to continue playing one side of the table against the other, because it certainly seemed like it.

But ultimately only one pair can stay, and this time it was the Italian lads.


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