In Time – 2011

IMDB: In Time – 2011

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 36%

This is a very interesting twist on the whole we only have a certain amount of time in our lives to do what we can with. The scene between the mother and son, is soooooo intense and driven with emotion, it really drives home the absolution of the ticking time on everyones arm, and that there is no escaping it.

I am absolutely not a fan of JT as a musical artist, but this movie works doesn’t do it for him either. He just doesn’t do it justice, as his emotions are so forced and his reactions so clearly rehearsed. I’m not sure who could’ve been a better fit, but there must have been another option available to the casting crew.

That said, I do love the principle of this movie. The concept, the story and the delivery (with exceptions) are fantastic. Even if like me you aren’t a JT fan, give it a go fir the story if nothing else.


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