Courage of Lassie – 1946

IMDB: Courage of Lassie – 1946

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes: na%

Can you guess when my partner started to sit down and watch the box with me today?

So I will start by saying that this is by no means or measure, my kind of movie. I would hate to think what amount of training this poor dog was subjected to in order to growl on demand like that. The style of training back then was a long way less humane than it is now).

When one little pup gets separated from his litter, a little girl called Kathie raises him up from a pup and names him Bill. When an unexpected accident separates the two of them, Bill gets drafted into the American K9 unit and is forced to serve duty in the trenches against the Japanese.

Eventually, battle fatigue leaves its toll on poor Bill who I guess you could say is suffering from PTSD (or PTSS or whatever term they want to give it these days) when turns him vicious and angry.

Escaping from the soldiers, he makes his way back home to Kathie, but his vicious streak has him on death row for killing livestock.

This an old movie, with a lot of old stars in it. No CGI, or special effects, this was a different time. Very early in the time of colour TV.

Look, is this a good movie? yes. It stands the test of time. It will not be every bodies sort of movie though, and may just be one for the oldies.


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