Blackhat – 2015

IMDB: Blackhat – -2015

IMDB Rating: 5.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 3%

When an unknown hacker causes a Chinese nuclear power plant to blow one of its chambers without any alarms being triggered, the FBI and the Chinese Special Cyber Defence Service need to work together to hunt the hacker.

When the up and coming representative from the Chinese who is liaising with the FBI  recognises the code, he immediately begins a plan to get Nick the audience to deal his way out. It is the code that both he and Nick  wrote back in MIT as a prank.

As they start down the path they find that what they are up against is unlike anything any of them have experienced before.

I have seen this movie several times now, and each time I pick up on little things that don’t necessarily add anything to the story line itself, but to the general ambience of the movie, and I like that that happens. Some of it is kinda really ordinary though. The animation of the “network activity” just is ludicrous to anyone with the slightest background in computing. That said, to a “layman” it isn’t a terrible representation. Another one is some of the fighting choreography, looks slow, clumsy and fake as well.

But, it is a movie I have seen several times, and I suspect several more times. It won’t be a movie for everyone, and ladies, Chris Hemsworth only has his shirt off a couple of times.


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