The Blacklist: S3E14-15 – 2016

IMDB: The Blacklist: S3E14-15 – 2016

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 93% (score for the season)

Another classic pair of episodes from the Blacklist team. Another successful pair of opponents, challenges, mild surprises and thrilling closures that add more questions to the pile.

Episode 14 tracks the fairy tale of the Lady Ambrosia, who would take in the children, unwanted, unloved, and promise them to live forever and a day. Instead in this case she has been having them killed off. Meanwhile Tom puts himself in a compromising position after having aided Gina, leading to yet more bodycount, as Liz continues to audition couples for the adoption of their unborn child.

Episode 15 is the tale of Drexel beginning with the body of a highly successful internet startup entrepreneur, which Red immediately recognises as the work of the notorious killer Drexel. Liz and the team have to band together to track him down through an underground news source. Tom working off his connection with Gina gets put into a lethal situation when he says no to her.


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