The Iron Giant – 1999

IMDB: The Iron Giant – 1999

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 96%

When Hogarth a young boy finds and befriends a massive iron robot that fell from the sky. Unfortunately with all alien robots, there is a secret government agency that wants to capture or destroy them. Enter the paranoid government agent who is intent of seeing the robot destroyed at all costs.

The tale goes on for a little while until the military turns up at the behest of the aforementioned government agent. But then the public also find out about him and they love him. Then it is the people and the robot versus the government.

This movie somehow has managed to capture the hearts of a lot of people, and as such has managed to secure a bit of a cult following, and with good cause. This is a great movie.

You can even tell where Vin Diesel learnt how to talk well in advance of his stint as Groot. Yes that means he is the Iron Giant. He’s real big on an expansive vocabulary.


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