MKR: S8E9 – 2018

IMDB: MKR: S8E9 – 2018  *Season 8 not on IMDB

IMDB Rating: na/10  *Season 8 not on IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes: na%   *Not on Rotten Tomatoes

The elimination round between the Qld’s (including dopey who can’t cook – why would you go onto a cooking showhow the hell did you get onto the show) and the WA waitresses takes place at some glamorous location being referred to as “Elimination House”.

We also find that celebrity chef Colin is going to be attending just spur the two teams along and keep them to a set time frame for prep and serving out the dishes whilst providing subtle guidance to them both.

Needless to say the guests aren’t impressed by the menu’s.

Entrees: Qld – corn fritters with avocado, and for WA – prawn saganaki with pita.

Mains: Qld – falafels with salad, and for WA – salmon with roast veggies and lemon salsa.

And that’s all that I got up before the channel got changed.

Personally, I hope it was the Qld couple who left. Someone who doesn’t know how to cook should not be on a cooking show.


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