X-Men: First Class – 2011

IMDB: X-Men: First Class – 2011

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Going back to nearly the start of it all in this movie we find ourselves learning the story of Charles and Erik before the took their new “mutant” names as Professor X and Magneto.

This movie explores their discovering of their powers as they work together to the betterment of mankind. Well to begin with anyhow.

As they band together with other mutants to stop the threat of another who wishes the start World War III, but during the process of doing so they rip their friendship apart, thus marking the beginning of the enmity between these famous entities.

This is possibly one of my more favourite X-Men movies (though I can’t deny I am eagerly waiting indeed gagging for Dark Phoenix later this year) and yet I have probably been satisfied in not having seen it as often as I have others.


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