Turbo – 2013

IMDB: Turbo – 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

Typical garden snail Turbo dreams of going faster, faster than any snail has ever gone before, he wants to go to the Indi 500 and race his idol, Guy Gagne. But he’s just a snail.

That is until one day when he get’s exiled from the garden and ends up in an illegal drag race in a old waterway, and gets sucked into the engine of a custom street racer. When they hit the NOS, his DNA gets infused with the very essence of speed, and he gets his taste of speed, of adrenaline, of the thrill.

Now he just needs to find a way to get there. Enter Dos Bro’s Tacos.

This is very much a kids movie which is kind of a mix between Cars and A Bugz Life. It has some big names in it (Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson among others) but for me it just doesn’t hit the mark and feel it is just so much more for the kids, and not one that is really also with the adults.

But it is worth at least a single viewing, even if you don’t find yourself wanting to go back for more.


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