Kung Fu Panda – 2008

IMDB: Kung Fu Panda – 2008

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 87%

This movie is 10 years old…

10. Years. Old.

I feel ancient.

Po the panda dreams of being a kung fu warrior, of fighting alongside the Furious Five, legendary kung fu warriors in their own right, who have studied under Shifu the master, with the tutelage of Master Oogway.

When Master Oogway has a vision that a former pupil of Shifu’s will return, it is time to select the Dragon Warrior. A fearsome warrior who will bring peace to the land.

When Po who is so desperate to see the action at hand straps himself to a chair with dozens of firecrackers only to land at Oogway’s foot (hoof? toe? I don’t know what turtles have) and be declared the Dragon Warrior.

From here the comedy really starts as they try (and fail) to train Po in the ways of Kung Fu, but when all seems lost it all comes good, and the way becomes clear.

A classically humours movie with pretty great scripting to make it more than just a series of one liners, and will keep you laughing even after several watches.


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