The A Team – 2010

IMDB: The A Team – 2010

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 48%

War. Elite Soldiers. CIA. Mission. You add those together and you get haywire, betrayal and action. When 3 US soldiers get “hired” by the CIA to retrieve $100 bill printing plates that had been stolen, it should be just a simple snatch and grab.

Should be.

Instead it all goes sidewards when they are betrayed by one of their own. Being thrown in military prison for a few years that leaves them all with “unique” tales to tell, they get broken out, first by the CIA then by each other, before going on their mission to clear their names. Dodging the Military Intelligence officers chasing them, their rival mercs, it’s a clear cut case of just “pitying the fool that betrayed them” (and yes, I said that in Mr T’s voice when writing it).

I have seen this movie a number of times when I just want to see things get blown up, people getting shot, and bad guys being owned. There’s enough comic relief in this movie to sate the natural desire to chuckle whilst leaving you wondering just a little if that trick in the tank would actually be possible.

Go watch it now, or watch it again, you’ll find yourself smiling often that it’ll be worth it.


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